3 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is Trending High in 2021


Artificial grass is just about everywhere these days. And, why not! 

Imagine a lush green artificial lawn at your house. Removed from the hassles of regular maintenance and hefty expenses. Have we talked about the not-so-welcome family of insects yet?  Oh! These pains plus the collective need for all of us to conserve water has been inspiring our community to install the best artificial grass in San Diego.

When you have the best artificial grass installed from Husky Pavers, you and your family have a part of your property that is evergreen, cost-effective and so invitingly refreshing, every day, every year. ‘The grass was greener...’ lyrics from Pink Floyd’s High Hopes song  evokes so much pertinence here in view of the fact that without the pains of constant upkeep Husky Pavers artificial grass lasts forever and ever…(.. the year 2041, still  so green!)

Now as you lookout to install the best artificial grass for your property, it is understood you may have these queries. The features, pricing, installation process, etc. Let us help you get to clarity.

Artificial Grass Installation – Deciding Factors

  • UV Protection of Artificial Grass

Husky Pavers has the best artificial grass in San Diego for this reason. The synthetic/ artificial grass is manufactured in such a way that the grass retains maximum functionality through its usage. Be aware that sun-beaten fake/ synthetic grass without this feature lightens up and loses its essence through the passage of time.

  • Pricing of Artificial grass in San Diego

The pricing for artificial grass mostly depends on the size of the need. Generally speaking, the pricing varies between $5 and $15 per square foot. However, you can find the exact price for your property by contacting Husky Pavers right now:   Ph: 951-348-7710 Email: jeff@huskypavers.com 

  • Installation Process of Artificial Grass

The installation process generally has the following process:

  1. Removing natural grass
  2. Preparing the ground (hectic work!)
  3. Ensuring efficient drainage
  4. Install artificial grass
  5. Rolling the yard after a few days

This is pretty much the standard procedure in laying synthetic/ artificial yard in a property. Chances are you may be a bit annoyed if you hand over the responsibility to an amateur. Problems like unfinished corners, higher costing of supplies, disconcerting customer support may water down the otherwise seamless experience.

 When you contact Husky Pavers for the artificial grass set up,  the process  is simple as this:

1: Designing the outdoor experience

2. Handling and procuring all the essentials

3, Seamless installing with absolute professionalism


Install Artificial Grass from Husky Pavers Now 

Artificial Grass. But Feels Like Real Grass

That is the essence, isn’t it? You are making a smart move downright yet, letting go of the natural grass better be worth it! Be sure to know that it has taken decades of engineering and design efforts to ensure artificial grass of modern times looks and feels as good as the natural

Convinced now as you are to get the artificial grass done from Husky Pavers, let us re-emphasise the 3 specific reasons artificial grass is getting extremely  popular by the day.

3 Reasons Why Artificial Grass Is Trending High in 2021

  1. Conserves Water, Reduces Effort

All of us in San Diego, California know of the water struggles we are facing. The state officials have called for a 36 percent water reduction in cities and towns. More painfully, the farmers’ water rights have also had a cutback. Well, let’s just say, the need to conserve water is real! 

Artificial grass, while keeping that gorgeous appearance of your property intact, saves that much water. We can go a lot further about the efforts but isn’t this painful enough?

  1. Wallet-Friendly; Low- Maintenance

As stated earlier in this blog, the pricing of artificial grass in San Diego ranges from $5 to $15 per square foot. You can get the best price for your property when you contact Husky Pavers. Also, there is a vast saving in expenses when you replace your natural grass with synthetic/ artificial grass when you consider cleaning, mowing, and other maintenance efforts over the natural grass. 

  1. Easy to install; Easier to Upgrade

It typically takes 2 working days to efficiently install the artificial grass. However, this may vary a bit depending on the timing and the size of the property. Also, in the passage of time, you may want higher thickness or cover a wider area. All this is done with joyful ease because of the massive collective experience and talent capital on offer at Husky Pavers, San Diego.

Husky Pavers Artificial Grass in San Diego, California

By now, you are well aware of the essence and the process of the best artificial grass in San Diego. Now when you contact Husky Pavers for the best artificial grass in San Diego, be also sure to know that there is a wide range of other outdoor services you can get done as well. Services at Husky Pavers include Interlocking Pavements, Outdoor Kitchen, Pool Renovation, Patio setup, Outdoor entertainment spaces, efficient Hardscaping, Landscaping and so much more. 

Ultimately, the home is where we all gather grace, it better be a wonderful place.

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