Interlocking Pavers in Riverside

When it’s time to put in new pavement, you can choose a different, more ideal option than pouring concrete. Husky Pavers can help you plan, design, and complete your project by installing interlocking pavers in Riverside for your next walkway, patio, etc. They are alluring, long-lasting, and low-maintenance due to how the pavers are formed and their interlocking quality.

The Problem

Concrete- and asphalt-poured pavement is the most common option for outdoor flooring, but some issues arise over time. Years of weather crack the surface to the point that pieces might eventually break off. This asks for constant maintenance every couple of years, leaving an unsightly flooring that comes from the wear and tear of daily walking and the heavy load of vehicles. The money you will spend on upkeep does add up over time as well.

The Secret

Interlocking paver stones are small slabs made of durable material, ordinarily concrete or cement, used in the pavement construction for the flooring for homes, businesses, etc. It is an excellent balance of strength and support that holds heavy loads thanks to the load distribution, and it takes over individual paver stones.
If you’re looking for an idea of where to install it in your home, here are some options:
· Walkways: If you want to enhance the safety of the people walking on your property, install pavers made from slip-resistant materials. That will help a lot in avoiding accidents.
· Driveways: A driveway used every day needs to be durable, and high-quality interlocking pavers in Riverside can make that happen.
· Patios: You want your patio to look the absolute best it can be, and that can happen using interlocking pavers as the primary design and theme of your creativity.
· Pool Decks: Placing slip-proof surfaces around your pool lowers the natural hazard of the constant spilling of pool water onto the floor. There are plenty of pavers with those qualities that you can install around your pool.

The Benefits


Many Designs to Choose From

They can come in various colors and tones of multiple types that can easily blend into your architectural ideas or current landscape. They can create an artistic design, or you can keep it very clean and simple if it’s for a driveway.



Immediate Use

Asphalt can take days before they are dried and complete set for use in a driveway. They might also ask for the benefit of an expansion joint to absorb the heat. Interlocking pavers do not need them and can be used immediately after installation.


Simplest Repair

No brick is perfect, and accidents are always possible. If something happens and you have to repair your interlocking pavers, take apart and replace pavers with new pieces. Just make sure you have replacement parts available.


Hazard Resistant Design

Interlocking pavers add safety from risks like slips and skids. In addition, the correct type of pavers is easy to clean, which is essential when dealing with pesky oil spills from your vehicle.


Long Lifespan

Unlike asphalt and concrete, interlocking pavers do not crack due to the elements and take extreme temperatures. Their design allows them to last for decades, lowering their maintenance costs.


Environmentally Friendly

Runoff comes with unexpected effects from stormwater or your own irrigation system. It can collect contaminants as it makes its way to natural waterways. Runoff can also cause flooding and erosion. The stones soak up the runoff or redirect its flow back into the soil by installing interlocking pavers.

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A qualified and experienced contractor from Husky Pavers has experience in paver installation and can provide a portfolio of jobs we have completed for previous customers. With their recommendations, you can find interlocking pavers in Riverside that fit your ideal project plans. Give us a call or email and get started on beautiful outdoor flooring today.


Interlocking Pavers in Riverside FAQs

Installing sprinklers is not a problem, but they should be carefully placed in a way that will not saturate the paved area. Excess water will affect any pavement, and while pavers will help in dispersing it, too much water can affect the base material or bedding sand used in its construction.
A well-crafted and installed set of interlocking pavers made from concrete should last around forty to thirty years before any significant repairs are needed. This is a lot more time than asphalt or poured concrete.
The best way to prevent sand washout and weed growth is by applying polymeric sand to joints. The right landscaping company that has dealt with interlocking pavers in Riverside also recommends using liquid sealers on the Joints.
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