9 Best Patio Paver Design Ideas


Patio Paver beautifies the property while bringing in that much functionality. Time spent in such lively settings is what makes the house a home. It generally takes only 3-4 days to transform your outdoor space as you install the pavers and then, you are sorted for life. They add so much to the personality of your property not to mention the spike in its value. 

Be it a compact space or an expansive one, a suitable patio paver design is never too far away. We understand every home has a personality. And that every personality has a different taste. Hence, here we have 9 patio paver ideas that you could choose from.

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Paver Patterns and Design Ideas for Your Patio

Relax With a View

Who doesn’t like a home with a view! That feeling when you wake up and get immersed into the freshness of the early morning breeze, the rising sun with its vast hues, all setting you up for a fantastic day ahead. Patio paver design for this design works like wonder when there is apple empty space around the property.

Classy Minimalist

Minimalism is such a thing these days, isn’t it? Only having the most essential things and having it designed in elegance is such a style statement. If you are one of those minimalists you can have a rather classy patio paver design with just about any dimension of space and budget. 

High on Green

A green patio paver design, quite naturally, involves a lot of plants. You can have plants to grow healthy, organic fruits and vegetables or to draw fresh energy to your property. You can also have show-plants to spruce the style quotient. A green-rich patio paver design enables you to optimize your place with all kinds of plants that you desire. 

Outdoor Living Room

Who said living rooms are meant to be indoor only! If you have a slightly larger space, why not have an additional living room with ample natural lighting and greenery. With this patio paver design, you are going to add so much function and value to your property!

Sit by the wall

We understand not every house could have a huge space in the backyard or in the garden. But still why compromise on having an impressive patio? You can have a smart and elegant patio paver design that optimizes the limited space by having a functional space for seating, plants, and easy movement across the property.

Around  a Circle

Ah! that feeling when you have your close people sitting in a circle with a BBQ/fire pit! You can have this patio paver design if you are a gracious host that loves entertaining your guests with a fine experience. 

Easy BBQ

Friends and family having a great BBQ time is always such a memorable thing. You can have your yard optimized to have a BBQ set up with this particular kind of patio paver design. Most ideal for the fun-loving, foodie types, yum!

Roof and Swing

An outdoor swing is a great addition to your patio. You can have a well-designed roof with a swing that lets you just be as you read or work through the day or weekend. If you have kids, you can design the patio paver in such a way that the swing is optimized for play as well as leisure. 

 Now we are familiar with some of the best patio paver design ideas for your property. Here’s a sneak insight into the installation process of patio paver:

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Installation of Patio Paver | Husky Pavers San Diego

  1. Level the ground and the subsoil area.
  2. Install the bedding sand and the pavers
  3. Work the edges and borders
  4. Fill the gaps between the pavers
  5. Clean and Say, ‘Yass! It’s Done!’

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Also, if you need additional/ other services to beautify/ add efficient function to your outdoor space, Husky Pavers is the go-to solution for that as well. Most sought after services at Husky Pavers include Patio Pavers, Interlocking Pavers, Artificial Grass, Outdoor BBQ/Kitchen, and plenty of other hardscaping and landscaping solutions:

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