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The Ultimate Guide to Installing Pavers Over Concrete: Best Practices and Potential Problems

If you’re looking to enhance the curb appeal of your property, one effective way to achieve this is by installing patio or walkway pavers over your existing concrete slab.  In the past, we’ve talked about adding pavers instead of concrete, so the question you might be asking is, why put them over concrete? We’re going…
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Installing Patio Pavers Will Improve The Look Of Your Home

Installing Patio Pavers Will Improve The Look Of Your Home

Even though it’s not easily seen from the street, using patio pavers in your next backyard project can provide the look your yard desperately needs. The benefits of having a patio professionally installed with pavers add an excellent dimension that you might not have even considered and even create a look that is both unique…
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Paver Installation

Common Paver Installation Mistakes

So you have decided to do your own paver installation. This is an excellent way to save money, especially if you are more of a DIY-er around your home. However, it is very easy to make mistakes when installing your pavers, and if it’s not done right the first time, then it can set you…
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