What Are The Advantages Of Interlocking Pavers?

What Are The Advantages Of Interlocking Pavers

While a concrete slab is still technically the most common form of driveway and walkway pavers, interlocking pavers have been steadily growing in popularity as a preference for homeowners. 

It’s not hard to see why, from the materials used to how they are installed, interlocking pavers are truly a sight to behold.

So it stands to reason that there are a few questions about the advantages of using interlocking pavers for your driveway and walkways instead of just the concrete slab.


Interlocking pavers come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. This versatility allows you to create works of art that sets your home apart from anyone else. This comes from the specific cut of the paver that is used to create the driveway or walkway. The design of the paver you choose makes the possibilities endless.

The design also makes them incredibly adaptable, regardless of what shape you choose. 

Durability And Strength

Interlocking pavers are notoriously strong when packed together, unlike a single concrete slab that can crack and wear down due to consistent heat or a sudden shift in temperature from hot to cold. 

These pavers can also withstand immense weight and aren’t likely to sink when consistently walked on or when heavy vehicles are parked on them. 

The strength of interlocking pavers also goes back into their design. These pavers are designed so that most of the mass is on the edge. Once they are locked together, either with sand or another interlocking agent, they don’t move or sink.

This feature also makes it less likely to need repairs. Since interlocking pavers, in particular, are individually smaller than a traditional concrete slab, if there happens to be a point where one might get a crack or it’s covered in oil or other car fluids, a single paver can be removed and replaced with ease.


Interlocking pavers are surprisingly quick to install. And the best part is that they can be installed without large machinery. 

To put it in perspective, if you choose to install a traditional concrete driveway, you would need to rent the equipment, mix and pour the concrete, smooth it out, and let it cure for as long as seven days before walking or driving on it. And that’s if everything is done right the first time. If it’s installed incorrectly, it can result in several cracks appearing almost immediately.

With interlocking pavers, on the other hand, the complete installation takes, at most, four days and can be walked and driven on immediately. The interlocking agent doesn’t have to be cement, either. It can be as simple as sand and still provide the durability and strength you’re looking for.


Maintaining your interlocking paver driveway and walkway is very easy. In fact, the maintenance required compared to asphalt or concrete is so low that, in most cases, all you would need is a pressure washer or just soap and water to keep it looking amazing.

And unlike concrete, if you happen to have your pavers painted or even as a specific color on installation, there’s no need to polish the surface or repaint it as frequently. 

Environmentally Conscious

Interlocking pavers allow for better water runoff, which means puddles are less likely to occur, and the runoff is less likely to contain toxins that might have been carried over after mixing with oil and other vehicle fluids. 

Depending on the design of the paver you choose, like with permeable pavers, grass and other plants can be planted, allowing them to grow and allowing your property to use rainwater in a way that doesn’t require a massive runoff into the street.

This also shows just how they can be used in any climate. If frost tends to be an issue, the pavers can be installed with a melting system, so your car doesn’t slide down the driveway on your way out in the morning. 


If the environmental impact hasn’t convinced you, perhaps the impact on your wallet would. Since interlocking pavers are consistently mass-produced, the price of the pavers is becoming cheaper and cheaper, making the option increasingly affordable. This also makes the pavers easy available with the option to either get them professionally installed or, for those who may be a bit more independent-minded, a DIY project that is simple to do.

You combine that with the low cost of maintenance and repair and the time it takes to install versus other options, interlocking pavers tend to be the best option for homeowners looking to improve their driveway and walkways.

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