How To Clean Fire Pit Glass

How To Clean Fire Pit Glass

Propane or natural gas fire pits have become a trendy staple in many backyards, even overtaking traditional log or coal as a fuel source. Given that natural gas fire pits don’t have the obligation to ensure the fire is completely out or the constant cleaning out of soot and charcoal, not to mention the reduction of a carbon footprint, the appeal is very apparent. And then, when decorated with fire pit glass, this can turn a fire pit into a work of art. 

However, just because there isn’t as much cleaning required for a natural gas fire pit doesn’t mean there isn’t any required. Regardless of the fuel source, fire will leave a residue that can darken even the shiniest fire pit glass.

Here’s a simplified guide on how to clean fire pit glass.

How To Clean Fire Pit Glass

Step 1 – Gather Supplies

You first need to get the supplies you will need to clean your fire pit glass. Here’s a list of what you will need:

  • Protective gloves
  • Two buckets
  • One gallon of water
  • One gallon of white vinegar (dish soap works as well)
  • Scoop to remove the glass
  • Large mesh wire strainer
  • Tarp (a plastic trash bag works as well)

Step 2 – Prepare The Fire Pit

When dealing with anything that is highly flammable, you always want to make sure every safety measure is taken. This would include preparing the fire pit, so you don’t hurt yourself, others, or your property. 

Before removing the fire pit glass, ensure the gas supply is completely shut off, and the glass is completely cool to the touch. 

Even though the glass is cool, you still want to remove it with the scoop, remembering the safety aspect throughout the entire process. Even though you should be wearing protective gloves, you don’t know if there are any sharp shards of glass that could potentially be in the pit. However, if you come across any, it would be best to throw those shards away. The rest you can scoop into one of your buckets.

Step 3 – Cleaning Solution

When creating the solution to clean your fire pit glass, the best tends to be a 50/50 mixture of water and distilled white vinegar. If vinegar is unavailable, use about two tablespoons of liquid dish soap for a gallon of water in the second bucket. 

Stop 4 – Cleaning The Glass

Once your solution is mixed, use the scoop to transfer a moderate batch from the dry bucket to your cleaning solution. 

Why not all at once? 

This method allows for a deeper cleaning, getting all the dust that may get into some of the harder-to-reach places. 

Once that batch is clean, scoop them into the strainer on top of the tarp or plastic trash bag to begin letting them dry.

Continue this until all the pieces of glass have passed through the cleaning solution and have been cleaned to your preference.

Step 5 – Drying

This step can take the longest when cleaning your fire pit glass since it’s typically best to let the glass air dry completely.

At this point, it’s not uncommon to think that the glass would dry faster if placed back into the fire pit and then let the fire dry them out that way. 

Unfortunately, that presents a danger. Any water left on your fire pit glass can create a potential hazard that causes the glass to explode due to the high heat. Before moving the glass back into the fire pit, make sure the glass is completely dry.

Step 6 – Clean Up

Once the glass is completely dry, transfer it back into the fire pit using the scoop, making sure it is spread evenly over the pit. Discard any broken pieces of glass securely and recycle them as appropriate. 

Discard your cleaning solution appropriately, ensuring that any broken glass shards that may have come off during the cleaning are sorted with the rest. 

Once everything is cleaned and dry, turn the gas back on and enjoy your fire through your newly cleaned fire pit glass! 

Other Things To Consider

When you clean your fire pit glass, you might want to consider the kind of gas you use to light your pit. For instance, propane may require you to clean not only your glass but your pit as well. And you will need to clean both far more often than you would with natural gas. 

If you are looking for the best installers of a natural gas or propane fire pit, along with suggestions for the best kind of fire pit glass, reach out to the professionals at Husky Pavers today!

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