Outdoor BBQ Islands Installation

BBQ Islands Installation

The best BBQ islands are as carefully designed and functional as in an indoor kitchen. So if you’re someone that enjoy  s outdoor grilling but wants a complete experience that includes counters, storage, and more, consider installing one in your backyard. But before you do, check out what it takes to make one and what’s available so you can save time and money.

Take Measurements

You have to assess how much space your dream island will take up – side to side, top to bottom—measuring also means taking into account anything coming in and out of the island, such as a gas line. Next, there must be enough openings created for the grill. Then take down the total width, depth height, and grill opening dimensions to begin the installation.

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Choosing the right grill for your BBQ Island

The essential part of the island is the grill itself, so you choose one depending on how you’ll be cooking. A classic charcoal grill is right for you and leaves your food with a smoky flavor if you’re looking for easy use. Gas and propane grills are also convenient, as they heat up fast and have many accessory options.

There are more grill options available if you’re still looking to fit your outdoor cooking needs:

  •  Kettle grills are the simplest and most portable form of charcoal grill available, with their round design and removable lid. You have to remove the grill, place the charcoal, and light it up.
  •  Kamado grills are more advanced versions of kettle grills made with ceramic material and designed in an egg shape. Their temperature and airflow give them very high consistent heat levels, making them great for baking.
  • Pellet grills heat up using wood pellets that can be fed to the burner, setting the temperature at your desired level. This type of grill benefits from acting as a smoker, making slow cooks for brisket and ribs possible.
  • Side burners add more grilling ideas by giving you an indoor kitchen style to your backyard. You will be able to make tender steaks on the main grill while cooking professional meals on the burner.

Power up and filter down your island

As you plan out your BBQ Island, don’t forget that you will need space to install electricity. Suppose you have put this much effort into your island. In that case, the grill you have installed also uses electricity for things like digital temperature, ignition systems, or just ambient lighting. It also doesn’t hurt to install essential outlets to help plug your mobile phones or refrigerators.

Another valuable addition to your island is plumbing. The most straightforward way for BBQ islands to get the full functionality and feeling of a kitchen is to add a sink. Installing the right plumbing system to your island also allows for a dishwasher, making cleanup faster and easier as you can do it without taking all the dishes, pots, and utensils back inside your home. You can include BBQ island accessories like access doors and a trash bin outside of electricity and plumbing.

Cover your island and keep it safe

You also can put a BBQ island with or without a cover to match the outdoor experience you want to give to yourself and your guests. For example, an open-air grill island lets you cook while you watch your kids running around or talk to the people at your gathering. If you want to keep cooking even when the rain starts or the sun is getting too intense, you can install a BBQ island under a structure that provides shelter, like a pergola.

The safety of BBQ islands is a significant factor when designing them. Proper ventilation is vital, which means your island must have vent panels (if you have a gas grill). That way, there isn’t any gas building up. A built-in grill also needs an insulated jacket that protects the island from the extra heat, prevents warping material, or lowers the risk of catching fire.

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An island with a strong exterior

The clad exterior is essential to your island as its protective shield and as an additional layer of style to your island. You can choose the material for your island’s face – wood panels have a natural finish and maintain protection against the weather. At the same time, brick and mortar options benefit from increased durability. If you still want toughness but don’t want the maintenance of wood or the costs of stone, a metal exterior is also a solid option.

The right outdoor installation expert will help you select a countertop that’s right for you. It would help if you had a countertop that’s easy to clean and can withstand the elements. They’ll also be the ones with the most experience in ensuring the island frame is level before any countertop is installed. Talk to the right countertop maker in San Diego for BBQ islands installation

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