Installing Artificial Turf on Concrete

Installing Artificial Turf on Concrete

Artificial turf may be easy to maintain, but what about installation? At Husky Pavers, we have talked a lot about installing artificial turf in place of lawns, but what about on other surfaces like concrete? 

The beauty of artificial lawns is that there isn’t a need for many layers of base for anything to grow. However, unlike installing artificial grass on dirt and soil, installing it on hard surfaces like concrete and asphalt require different techniques and maintenance.

Addressing Drainage Issues

When installing artificial turf on concrete, one of the biggest considerations is how the lawn will drain water. Unlike on a dirt surface, concrete doesn’t drain as well. As a result, standing water might become an issue, and if left alone, mold might grow between the turf and the concrete.

To ensure this doesn’t occur, make sure there is a way for water to drain from the concrete. Place a soft barrier between the artificial turf and concrete, like sand, or make sure you have a way to remove water after it rains or after regular maintenance.

Speak with the turf installer and get their recommendation on how to best ensure the lawn is properly maintained and keeps its lifespan.

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Tips to Install Artificial Turf on Concrete

When installing artificial turf on a hard surface like concrete, here are some things to consider:

Measure the Area for Installation

When artificial turf is installed, the installer will unroll the desired turf from one end of the area to the other. However, sometimes there might not be enough room. When this happens, make the necessary adjustments, including installing a border if needed.

Ensure a Flat Surface

Even though it should be standard for concrete to be flat, there are occasions when the surface may be too bumpy to lay anything down. Any bumps or ripples will easily be seen over the turf. 

Sometimes, these bumps may result from cracks or even broken concrete. If there are areas that have these issues, it would be best not to place any artificial turf on that area. If this is the area you want covered, it would be best to find a way to repair it before installing the artificial turf.

Prepare the Surface

Proper artificial turf installation requires the surface it will be installed on to be as clean as possible. If there are areas with oil, grease, or other stains, they need to be cleaned and dried as best as possible. These substances can eat away at the artificial turf after it’s installed and lower its lifespan.

Ensure a Solid Foundation

Usually, you wouldn’t think to check if the concrete was sturdy enough. However, if the concrete has been allowed to shift or cracks have been appearing over time, the concrete might not be sturdy enough for the turf to be installed.

If the installer is also placing a drainage system between the concrete and the turf, making sure the concrete is solid and not ready to break apart will help ensure a solid installation.

Benefits of Installing Artificial Turf on Concrete

Despite the concerns about installing artificial turf on concrete, there are many benefits to consider as well.


Artificial turf is amazingly versatile. It can be cut into various shapes, like squares, diamonds, circles, and more in different sizes. Creativity knows no bounds when it comes to artificial turf.


If you happen to live where grass may not grow easily, it may have made sense at one point to install concrete. However, with how hard concrete is, especially if you have children or pets, slipping and falling can result in an injury that wouldn’t be as serious or even happen at all with a more traditional lawn. 

Artificial turf has the look and feel of natural grass, which makes it considerably safer for children and pets to play. Not to mention how much more comfortable it is.


Artificial turf tends to last a lot longer than a traditional living lawn. The benefit of installing it on concrete is that it can last even longer than on other surfaces. Since it is made from durable materials, it is designed to withstand the elements. 


No home improvement project looks good as it’s happening. But once the project is finished, it’s a sight to behold. Artificial turf is no different. Once the project is finished, everything looks fantastic and gives your home that completed look and feel you may have been searching for.

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Your Artificial Turf Installation Pros

Whether you are looking to install artificial turf on concrete or another surface, the professionals at Husky Pavers are ready to transform your lawn into the one of your dreams! Contact us today for a consultation! 

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