The Durability and Longevity of Artificial Grass

The Durability and Longevity of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass has made many improvements over the years. There are no longer concerns about lead or other chemicals affecting families or the environment after it is installed. Companies have worked tirelessly to make artificial grass look just as real as any other type of grass. They now come in many sizes, styles, and designs. Some varieties look so real that you have to touch the grass to realize that the grass isn’t real! To see why so many see the appeal in artificial grass, let’s look at some of the pros of purchasing artificial grass.

Weather Resistant

Artificial grass is known for being very durable in any weather conditions. Whether it is during snow, rain, or sun, synthetic grass can endure and resist any weather patterns with which it comes in contact. Unlike natural grass that will dry up, brown, and die, the artificial turf will remain beautiful and green, as if the weather never happened. The home will look just as good as the day it was installed.

Flood and Drought Resistant

One of the major concerns connected to a lawn is water usage and how to be more energy efficient with it. Some areas and states even have laws and regulations that are in place to control the amount of water that is used in landscaping and similar commodities. With artificial turf, this concern is eliminated since artificial grass doesn’t need water to survive. In fact, trying to water synthetic turf could cause more damage to the surrounding area instead, leading to the risk of runoff or erosion. Fortunately, synthetic turf has excellent drainage, so it will dry faster when it rains. So not only can artificial turf last without water, but you can save money on the water bill. 


One of the main things that attract buyers to artificial grass is that it lasts much longer than natural turf. Overall, artificial grass is supposed to last about fifteen to twenty years before it should be replaced, unlike natural grass, which only lasts about five to ten years of constant use and foot traffic. With artificial grass, there can be plenty of gatherings and activities on the grass, and it can withstand most damage that would occur if organic grass was used instead. 

Easy Maintainance

Synthetic grass is extremely easy to maintain. It doesn’t need the usual maintenance of mowing, weeding, fertilizing, or anything else. Artificial grass eliminates all the extra work, leaving only a green, clean lawn that can last many years without needing to be worked on or repaired. It also doesn’t need to be repaired after it’s had a lot of foot traffic, as artificial grass will withstand force like that much better.

Recyclable and Sustainable

The nice thing about artificial grass is that it is very recyclable. When it is time to replace the turf with a new layer, the old turf can be repurposed into something new. This can help lower landfill and other garbage, save other resources, limit pollution, and save energy. This makes synthetic turf very eco-friendly as well. It will be less impactful on the surrounding environment than organic grass or turf.

Cost Efficient

While artificial turf is more expensive to install at first, many homeowners will install it anyway since it is long-lasting. It will maintain itself longer than regular grass, and the overall cost will be worth it in the long run instead of wasting money replacing organic turf every few years. You can also save money on fertilizer and other maintenance costs that come with maintaining organic turf.


There are tons of advantages to owning artificial turf, and many of the advantages have to do with how durable and long-lasting it can be, lasting several years longer than natural grass and turf. Not only will this save you money, but synthetic grass is easier to maintain and is resistant to many weather and environmental conditions, such as drought and rainfall. Then, when it is time to replace the turf, the old turf can be recycled, as most of the materials used to make artificial turf are recyclable, so even when not used as turf, the material itself is even longer lasting. For more details about the advantages of artificial turf, contact a company or even a landscaper.

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