Outdoor Kitchen Checklist For Your Backyard

Winter is probably the most delightful season for outdoor cooking. And, what better place than a kitchen in the backyard? 

The kitchen inside the home might make you feel monotonous sometimes. So, you can certainly choose an outdoor kitchen in the backyard for cooking, relishing good foods, and spending quality time with family and friends. However, outdoor kitchen installation is not an easy task.

Why not install an outdoor kitchen by an experienced paver manufacturer and indulge in some mouth-watering recipes? With a specialized outdoor kitchen, make everyday special. 

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Get ready with the following checklist of essentials.

  1. Get the Custom BBQ Grill

Who does not want the perfect BBQ grill for family and friends? Well! You have plenty of options. Choose the ideal grill type from gas, charcoal, electric, and portable BBQ grill. 

Installing the custom BBQ grill depends on the cooking style and the flavor of the grill. You should go for a charcoal grill if you love the smoky flavor. It gives higher temperatures than gas grills. If the city’s fire regulations prohibit you from using gas or charcoal, you can choose an electric grill. Go for a portable grill if you cook for fewer people. 

  1. Go For The Right Counters and Cabinets

Like your indoor kitchen, you need to have counters for your outdoor kitchen too. Keep enough counter space to make cooking easier. Always look for a counter with premium quality material and the perfect size. Consequently, it doesn’t deteriorate due to daily use, sunlight, and extreme weather conditions.

  1. Brighten Your Outdoor Kitchen With Sufficient Lighting

You need a proper lighting system in your outdoor kitchen to make this space more welcoming. You can light up this area with pathway lights, under-counter lights, or LED candles. It depends on your aesthetics, style, and kitchen design. The most important thing is to choose fixtures for outdoor uses. Hire an expert paver maker for a custom outdoor kitchen installation with ideal lighting. 

  1. Choose The Right Sink For The Outdoor Kitchen

An outdoor kitchen sink would be a good idea. Having the sink in an ideal position also helps you save time. You do not need to move the utensils from the indoor kitchen to the outdoor one. The professional paver manufacturer and the installation company will help you select the best outdoor kitchen sink. For hot water, you can install an on-demand water heater under the sink. 

5. Protect Outdoor Kitchen With A Solid Roof

After spending bucks on your outdoor kitchen installation, your next step would be to protect it from the sun, wind, and rain. Cover the outdoor kitchen with a solid roof. It depends on your aesthetics, style, weather condition, and safety needs. You can create an open pergola or go with a ceiling setup. 

6. Add A Range Hood

Keep your appliances and kitchen tops neat and clean every day. Adding a range hood will protect your outdoor kitchen from smoke, toxins, grease from cooking and grilling. Plus, you don’t want the smoke to affect your guests sitting close to the cooking equipment. You also need to check your lock codes as some areas of the outdoor kitchen need vent hoods.

7. Decide On The Best Flooring Type

You can choose either concrete flooring or go for wooden floors as the best outdoor kitchen flooring. You can select concrete floor types with brick and flagstone as textures and patterns.

If you are a nature-loving person, you will go for a wooden outdoor kitchen floor. Wooden floor from ash, oak, or cherry suits your outdoor kitchen space. What’s more? The wooden floor will add warmth and elegance. It’s also easy to clean and maintain.

Whatever the type of flooring, make sure you keep your outdoor kitchen floor clean and safe for your guests.

8. Install Outdoor Kitchen at the Right Location

Install your backyard kitchen close to the indoor kitchen so that, if necessary, you can move. You can be both the chef and the life of the party simultaneously. You can cook while watching your children play in the garden or engage in conversation with your guests while grilling.

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