Artificial Grass In San Diego

San Diego droughts and water regulations don’t have to mean a crispy, browning lawn. In fact, they could be the reason your lawn has never been greener. We’re your experts on all artificial grass in San Diego. If you’re looking for a maintenance-free, eye-catching lawn, this is the way to go. Call it fake grass, synthetic turf or artificial grass, you’re in the right spot for a greener outdoor living space.

The Problem

Maintaining your lawn is an investment of time, effort, and your allotment of precious California water. These days, sustainability practices leave many home and property owners torn between keeping their curb appeal or embracing their brown yards. Not to mention the labor of watering, seeding and maintaining a green lawn. There’s an easier and more efficient answer with artificial grass. Keep your wallet and the environment in mind, and choose an easier way to keep your lawn looking lush and full of life.

The Solution: Artificial Grass

There’s currently no end in sight for water scarcity in California. That means that lawn curating has moved beyond aesthetics and is now a matter of bettering the environment. Whether you call it artificial grass, fake grass, or synthetic turf, Husky Pavers offers sustainable lawn solutions that look great year-round, and offer cost-friendly financial incentives and rebates in many areas. All this while helping our environment. Start your journey to a lawn you can picture yourself, your family or your residents enjoying year round with artificial grass, even in hot and dry San Diego.

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What Are the Benefits of Installing Artificial Grass

The Benefits


Good Things are Green! Get Financial Incentives.

Get extra green in your wallet and your yard with our help. Hear this, state and local municipalities have started offering financial incentives for swapping your traditional lawn for an artificial turf lawn. That’s right, get cash back when you help your environment and better your outdoor living space. At Husky Pavers, we’re ready to help you get the yard you’ve always wanted all while getting money back in your pocket. Get paid for a good-looking lawn.



Save Money Save Water

Get some savings that you can feel good about. You’ll forget all about watering as soon as you instal your artificial grass lawn with Husky Pavers. Decreasing your water usage means you can save on your water bill and help save water for your fellow Californians. Bettering the environment is something we can all get behind here in San Diego. We need to work as a whole to save resources. If you’re looking for more green initiatives, check out our permeable pavers for more ways to help preserve Southern California’s valuable water source.


Maintenance Free

Whoever complained about not needing to water their lawn? In San Diego, artificial grass is on the rise and so is cutting watering out of your daily routine. Put that tired sprinkler on your lawn to rest and your hose for that matter too. Your evenings of watering, or begging someone else to take your chore, are over as soon as you instal your synthetic turf. Instead, spend your evenings enjoying your new-found freetime making memories in your new yard.


Fertilizer Free

Fertilizer, seeds and watering, oh my! The undesirable hassle of fertilizing or seeding your yard is over. Say goodbye to lugging bags of fertilizer home from the store. Spend your time with Husky Pavers instead and plan your artificial grass installation with us. Chances are your phone call to us will take less time than tending to a high-maintenance, real lawn. Get started on an easier path to a better looking lawn today.



From summer to winter, enjoy activities in your outdoor living space on lush grass. Your artificial grass lawn is the perfect place to make memories or perfect to treat your tenants to. Not to mention it looks great and has overlooked curb appeal. Upgrading to turf means never having to worry about having a brown yard again. This simple detail will make your property look full of life with your new, green flourishing lawn.



San Diego and California as a whole needs our help. Instead of fighting for your yard to look presentable while wasting precious water, work smarter for yourself and the state. Feel good, and look good knowing you’ve taken a step towards helping California become more sustainable by installing your artificial grass yard. Our community will have to work together as a whole, and it can start with your choice to install turf on your property.

Start your upgrade experience with a free consultation.

Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, our designers will answer your questions, work through our outdoor elements installation options, and take care of you from the design step all the way through installation. Our customers leave happy when they work with Husky Pavers, and we’d love to show you exactly how we do things. Give us a call or email to get started to greener days today.


Artificial Grass FAQs

Yes. Be it soil or concrete, the rear side of the turf can be stuck to any surface without any hassle. You can also install it on the paving, terrace, balconies, and tarmac. The best part of artificial grass is it easily adjusts with the surface and ensures long-lasting adhesiveness.
Evidently, people with pets, as well as children in their house, remain extremely conscious regarding the allergic side effects of the fake turf. However, you can be assured relating to the safety of your kids as well as pets as it would not hurt their skin. You may find a range of artificial turf that has an extra layer of fiber that prevents their delicate fur coat even at the time of rash landing.
Not really. You can bid farewell to grass mowing permanently as you are not required to keep the fake grass in any way. You are not required to use a hosepipe for watering the turf. However, keep a close look, so that dog poop or dry leaves do not get stuck in the grass.
It depends on the volume of traffic around the area of your house. Irrespective of the fact, artificial grass tends to last for almost 20 years without any maintenance.
You may find several DIY grass installation methods available on the Internet. However, you may need to buy some of the tools for installing the grass by yourself. Follow the professional guidelines minutely before start installing the turf.
The artificial turf is attached to the surface using strong adhesives as well as tapes in certain cases. If you are taking up a DIY project, it is necessary to make sure that the adhesive you are planning to use belongs to a good brand.
Yes. After all these years, no reports regarding its negative impact on the environment have been found out. You are not required to spread any pesticide or chemicals to keep the grass growing, therefore, protecting the environment in a good way.
There are rarest cases when artificial grass has started to lose its color after a period of twenty years. You may choose from the UV-protected fake grass as well to ensure the grass does not lose its greenery due to sunlight exposure.
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