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As a homeowner, you might be overlooking the possibility of durability and allure you gain by upgrading where you walk and drive. Our extensive selection of premium interlocking and driveway pavers promises an upscale transformation for your home.

The Problem With Traditional Pavement and Asphalt

Cracking is a common problem that happens with traditional asphalt and concrete pavement. This cracking can occur immediately from an accident or just the wear and tear of use and temperature. It makes sense because once it sets, it stays rigid and does not move. But sometimes, you need a more flexible option for your flooring as you add more outdoor projects to your home. 

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The Solution

For a combination of strength and flexibility, Husky Pavers offers interlocking pavers that you lay on flat surfaces. They are stone or stone-like materials placed over a sand base. What they form is a dynamic function from three different mechanisms of interlocking:

· Rotational – resistant to tipping
· Horizontal – resistant to spread
· Vertical – resistant to sink

These functions require your pavers to have suitable containment, a solid base, and appropriate paver thickness to make long-lasting quality pavers. Husky Pavers has the experience and training to combine all these factors on your project.

The Benefits of Interlocking Pavers


You Can Use It At Once

Pavers can be walked or driven over immediately after installation. Poured pavement options will take days to settle, depending on weather conditions.



Easy Removal and Access

Once a paver installation ends, it’s not stuck in place forever. You can remove a damaged stone whenever it’s necessary. When they’re re-installed, there is no sign there was any removal – you might not even need to add sand in the joints again (but it wouldn’t hurt to do so for some protection).


Easy Maintenance

There’s no immediate need for additional maintenance once completed. You can extend its life with sealer, but it can withstand harsh elements for decades before significant repairs, even if you leave it alone. The best you will need is to keep spare paver stones and bags of sand to fill eroded joints.


Beautiful Clean Design

Interlocking Pavers are beautiful and leave no unattractive patch mark. Moreover, it doesn’t crack, unlike concrete jobs, thanks to the flexibility inherent in its design.y.


Many Stones to Choose From

You can choose from a wide variety of paver stones to fit your project and style. All that matters is the maker and manufacturer most of the time. Its compressive strength, water absorption rate, and abrasion index make a stone worth its price.

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Interlocking Pavers FAQs

To begin your interlocking paver project, removing existing concrete flooring is not always needed. However, replacing it will get appropriate base preparation and better paver installation. Many concrete floors also have existing debris, cracks, and potholes that will affect the installation, so it’s still easier to start from the beginning.
This type of sand is also known as bedding or concrete sand. It fills the joints from the bottom up and allows the stones to level out in height when they are first compacted.
If you have to repair something underneath (electrical conduit, water line, etc.), the process is not that different from when you replace a damaged paver. Remove the suitable pavers, make the repairs, and place them back. Make sure to bring an expert on interlocking pavers in Murrieta to refill sand gently, compact it, and re-install the stones.
It depends on the stones you choose for interlocking. If you want one with a persistent color over the decades, consider choosing one saturated with color. Over time, wear and tear will change color, but you can restore and enhance the color with proper cleaning and sealing. Some stains can be applied for recoloring if you’ve chosen vibrant colors like a brick.
The easiest way to protect your pavers from bugs and plants is by sealing them using polymeric sand to fill narrow or wide joints and a sand joint stabilizer to control sand erosion. Combining these two with a weed killer sold at any store will limit weed growth and keep pests away.
Every paver installation must start with the correct base materials. A base filled with approximately 1’ ½” of sand (concrete or gunite are the standard material) is recommended for interlocking pavers in Murrieta and many other locations.
The average lifespan of interlocking pavers is three to four times longer than asphalt or concrete. As a result, the paver stones will show signs of repair or replacement decades after installation.
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