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Artificial Grass

Droughts and water regulations don’t have to mean a crispy, browning lawn. In fact, they could be the reason your lawn has never been greener.

The Problem

Maintaining your lawn is an investment of time, effort, and your allotment of precious California water. Sustainability practices leave many homeowners torn between keeping their curb appeal or embracing the brown.

The Solution: Artificial Grass

There’s currently no end in sight for water scarcity in California, and lawn curating has moved beyond aesthetics. Whether you call it artificial grass, fake grass, or synthetic turf, Husky Pavers offers sustainable lawns that look great year-round, and offer financial incentives and rebates in many areas. All while helping the environment.

The Benefits


Financial Incentives

State and local municipalities have started offering financial incentives for swapping your traditional lawn for an artificial grass version.



Save Money Save Water

Decreased water usage means you can save on your water bill and help save water for your fellow Californians.


Maintenance Free

No more maintenance.


Fertilizer Free

No more fertilizer.



A lush, green lawn year round.



A feel-good feeling knowing you’ve taken a step towards helping California become more sustainable.

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