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Stunning outdoor spaces are a must-have in Murrieta, CA, and Husky Pavers has you covered! With a strong presence in Riverside, San Diego, and San Bernardino counties, our expertise also extends throughout all Southern California, including the deserts and Orange County. We are the foremost expert in all paver, artificial grass, and outdoor living products. Our enormous experience makes us experts on outdoor element installation from design, through construction and to finish. Husky Pavers will turn your vision, whether it’s commercial or residential, into a reality while maintaining your budget. If you’re near our core area in San Diego, Riverside, or San Bernardino, or elsewhere in Southern California we’re your one-stop-shop for pavers and artificial grass. We know outdoor element installation like no other, and our expert team is ready to design and install your dream fire pit, BBQ island, water feature, and outdoor lighting! From Belgard pavers to synthetic turf and everything in between, we have you covered.

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The Husky Pavers Way


Navigating a paving project is like trying to herd cats if you don’t have trust and honesty guiding the way. And let’s face it, cats notoriously dislike being herded. At Husky Pavers, we’re in the business of making your outdoor dreams a reality, not playing feline wrangler. So, if the weather decides to throw a tantrum, you’ll be the first to know – no embellishments, no mysterious disappearances. Not thrilled with the curve of your walkway? Think the color palette of the pavers is more 1980s than modern chic? Speak up! We’re tough; we can take it. The quicker we chat, the faster we can get back to making your outdoor space a neighborhood legend.


Transforming your outdoor space is supposed to add joy, not stress wrinkles. We ensure our team is made up of people persons who are as skilled with a friendly chat as they are paving stones. If you encounter anyone from our team who seems to have missed the memo on kindness or professionalism, send a smoke signal (or, you know, an email) to our management at office@huskypavers.com. And if you’re wondering about the flip side, we gently ask that if you’re prone to transforming into a drama llama over the color of gravel, perhaps we’re not the match made in paving heaven for you. We adore our clients and our team equally and strive for harmony on every project.


Listen, we don’t care if you’re a pirate from the Caribbean, a wizard from Hogwarts, or a regular Joe with a love for exotic chickens. Everyone deserves a fabulous outdoor space. Want a walkway that makes your neighbors say, “Wow, is that the Yellow Brick Road?” You got it! Dreaming of a patio that doubles as a dance floor for your weekly tango sessions? Say no more. At Husky Pavers, we celebrate diversity, creativity, and the quirky charm that each client brings to the table. So, let’s build something that’s as uniquely wonderful as you are.

Chickens welcome!

With Husky Pavers It’s as Simple as 1, 2, 3!

Even if you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, our experts can answer your questions, work through design options, and take care of you from design all the way through installation. Our assortment of materials like interlocking pavers, artistic pavers, and assorted turf options give you the creative freedom to make your vision come to life.



Our expert team designs the outdoor experience you’re looking for.



We handle getting all of the supplies, and pass our industry savings on to you.



Husky Pavers experts turn your outdoor dreams into reality.

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Let’s talk. Get to the greener grass you’ve been looking for. We’ll pave the way!

Clients We Serve


We have countless options to make your yard beautiful. Explore our variety of pavers, artificial turf, and outdoor elements. We create outdoor spaces that invite activities and fun. Oh, and did I mention pavers?

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Pavers in San Diego


Increase curb appeal and value when you allow our team to design beautiful commercial pools, outdoor areas, fountains, landscaping, and much more for your multifamily or commercial property.

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Our team can design and install a magnificent common pool area with winding paved pathways where you can enjoy the weekend! We focus on creating a beautiful atmosphere in your community through our design, products, and installation – all while staying within budget!

Public Works

We value the importance of keeping project deadlines while creating a safe and attractive environment for your area. You dream it, we make it happen!

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

I I just wanted to take a second and say thank you for everything. Being a new homeowner I haven’t really experienced contractors to this frequency and needless to say it hasn’t been the greatest thing. My business with you has definitely been the exception and not the rule. Your responsiveness, transparency, and competency during the process was absolutely great. I know my place was a small job in the grand scheme of things but you never treated it as such. Finally, my wife was home the day you came by for the final inspection and she mentioned how she noticed how well you treated your employees. This was in stark contrast to what we witnessed with our fencing company. From my work, strong leadership is something that is pivotal to successful management but rarely do you see it in the private sector. So, great job and keep up the good work.

Jason Berg, Temecula, CA

When we needed a contractor, we asked suppliers in the industry for a recommendation. That’s how we found Jeff Bal of Husky Pavers. Suppliers said he’s the best, and they know who is reliable and honest. Jeff was quick to respond and thorough in asking what we wanted. He created a beautiful design, answered our questions, lined up materials and put everyone to work. The entire process was seamless with no surprises, do-overs or delays. We also learned Jeff has been in the same line of work his entire career. He’s a specialist, and he and his crew are devoted to creating outdoor spaces. They’re talented, focused and great at what they do. The price was right, and we love the result.

Dave & Connie Lee, De Luz, CA

I obtained 3 quotes for paver installation on my patio. Husky Pavers not only came in lowest, but the moment I met Jeff Bal, I knew he was the right guy for the job. Other companies didn’t listen or worked to add-on upcharges, since it was a small job. Two companies said it was a three day job (increased labor charges). I knew that wasn’t right! Jeff’s team had it completed in one day. Jeff answered every question, giving advice which clearly showed his expertise. From first to last, the job flowed smoothly. Everything was done right–from leveling, to compacting the base, to weed barrier, to sealing. The team was on time, courteous, and cleaned up. While this is a new company, Jeff is an old-hand with paver work. I highly, highly recommend this company. I love my new patio!

Sandra W, Murrieta, CA

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